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In the first place (and in the first person).
I've been in graphic design since the days of rubber cement and Rapidograph pens. (Does anyone else still remember what a Velox - pronounced VEE-lox - is? No, it's not something you put on a Veebagel.) Let's just say that I have years of experience, and have been computer literate (primarily self-trained) for a number of decades.

You might know me without knowing me.
You may have seen my work in local (Edison, NJ) Rovers Soccer ads and flyers. Or in national ads in trade magazines for Unex Manufacturing. If you've ever watched the "Little Bill" animated series on Nickelodeon, produced by Bill Cosby, you've seen my typeface design in the opening and closing credits. Internationally, I was the designer of the final 5 issues (before they went all-electronic) of "Topnotes," the newsletter of International Flavors and Fragrances, distributed to their employees around the globe.

These are not just jobs, they're experience.
I've served . . . I mean, spent time working full-time for ad agencies, design studios, corporate art departments (consumer goods and industrial), and a service bureau. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in page layout and production, creating graphics and illustrations, and image editing.

I've also learned a lot about design, typography, pre-press, and print/web production along the way. I'm guessing that you can think of ways that all this might be useful to you.

Designing to fit your needs.

Michael Levine Graphic Design
Barnegat, New Jersey

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